ACT Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training

Under the Agents Act 2003, it is required that Licence and Registration holders in the ACT complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training by 31 October each year in order to be eligible for LIcence/Registration renewal. 

Further information regarding ACT CPD can be found on the Access Canberra website, here.

The NSW Real Estate Training College can offer both Registration and License holders 12 points of CPD. View our ACT CPD courses fact sheet.

We have two types of CPD courses available:

  • Elective CPD courses ($89) do not fully align to a unit of competency and will provide you with 4 Category 2 ACT CPD points.
    View Elective CPD courses
  • Individual Licence Modules ($145) align to a unit of competency, and will provide you with 8 Category 3 ACT CPD points. These modules will also count towards your Licence in the future.
    View Individual Licence Modules 

Upon successful completion of your CPD training, we will issue you with a Statement of Attainment (for Individual Licence Modules - Category 3 courses) and Certificate of Participation (for Elective CPD - Category 2 courses) as evidence of course completion.

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