All your staff have been helpful and have pleasant natures. I enjoy the learning process and will be in touch again in 2018 for information on available subjects.
Lesley Lisle - August 2017

The team at NSW RE Training College were so helpful – highly recommended!
Eliza Kovats – July 2017

Great course, all set out well and easy to find relevant information for all answers. Found this course very helpful and have learnt a lot.
Sharna Waters – May 2017

Very informative.
Michelle Hancock – May 2017

I found the assessments easy to understand with the guidance notes for each topic.
I found the feedback from the assessors to be very good and motivational for going on with the other topics of the course.
Deborah Ann Innes - May 2017

Very appropriate information.
David Brown - May 2017

Always very informative and enjoyable.
Susan Odgers - May 2017

When I needed assistance, the support over the phone or chat line were excellent.
Suzanne Nott - March 2017

Hana and staff very helpful and courteous. Cheryl is a very commendable teacher and warm personality. I strongly support your new approach to in class training and will be happy to attend your future CPD training classes using this teaching method.
Paul Riccard – February 2017 Face-to-Face CPD Workshop North Sydney

Very good communication. Open discussion and involvement by everyone was beneficial. The workshop was a great idea!
Steve Deacon – February 2017 Face-to-Face CPD Workshop North Sydney

The course was well structured with clear direction as to the knowledge and understanding that was required to complete the assessments. Overall it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it.
Harrison Lay – February 2017

Throughout the course staff were always helpful and returned calls and emails quickly.
Greg Amos - February 2017

Very good course, excellent service. Thank you very much!
Ashley Bartlett-Kennedy – January 2017

It was a great course to sit online, very easy to follow with great study documents.
Ashley McMillan – January 2017

The service from staff member Bec - from making an enquiry, to booking, to completing the course and submitting - was excellent. It made the whole process very easy and not stressful.
Denise Egan – November 2016

Relieved to have finally completed all competencies. A Big Thank You to Tracey, Murray, Bec, and Jenny.
Grant Hyman - October 2016

I like the fact of the kindness and help when phoning the College for help and/or assistance with the courses. Thank you to ALL the team.
Julie-Marie Woodford - October 2016

The assessor has been fabulous -- highly commended and appreciated. Many thanks for your prompt attention and service.
Kay Stares - October 2016

The enrolment process was straightforward. I asked lots of questions and the support was great! Good to get meaningful [assessment] feedback [from assessors]!
Suzi Bryant - October 2016

Course material and resources were invaluable in completing the assignments.

Tasks were useful in developing an understanding of real life examples that will be encountered.

Positive feedback provided and comments and suggestions provided if answers were not ideal or needed further clarification.

All emails and telephone communications were attended to in a timely and courteous manner.

Staff were excellent in providing a list of the documents required to obtain partial exemptions to modules were prior learning recognition was applicable. The Recognition of Prior Learning and modules not required to be completed was based on fairness and not with a view to charge a higher fee.

Excellent feedback and service levels. At the time of enrolment and during the course, the assistance provided was professional, timely and useful.
John Karasmanis - September 2016

I wanted to do classroom study, but went with online due to cost difference. The Real Estate Training college has been helpful in every way.
Grant Hyman - September 2016

Very quick [assessment feedback] response and very much appreciated. Thank you for providing commercial real estate learning modules.
Nicole Anna Gunasinghe - September 2016

Great! The assessment tasks were marked quickly. If I needed further study I would definitely use Real Estate Training!
Tomas Hohn - August 2016

Content was easy to access and relevant to the required task. Enrolment process quick and easy.
Sophie Driscoll - August 2016

Great turn-around, very efficient.
Marlena Sait - July 2016

Everyone has been extremely helpful and supportive.
Jacqueline Crapp - July 2016

Great feedback and assistance from Tracey. Really happy with the service.
Rhys Reilly - June 2016

Online study allows me to learn at own pace.
Abundant amount of relevant information of the industry is available.
Content beneficial to my knowledge of the real estate industry, particularly on specific legislation and specific rules and procedures.
Assessments had good structure, which usually start with multi choice questions, then short answer questions, and finally more complex tasks or case studies focusing on practical issues.
Enrolment instructions are clear.
Staff were helpful on explaining the enrolment and Recognition of Prior Learning process.
Instant online feedback and support.
Kin Tong Chung - June 2016

I was very happy with your service and will definitely use your college for future needs. Thank you.
Nadica Tanevska - June 2016

The assessors we excellent.
Vikki Seekamp - June 2016

Informative and interesting; assignment questions could relate to real life examples.
Bill Mitchell - June 2016

The online nature of this course makes it a very easy and convenient way to learn. Someone's always there with instant help. Thanks.
Andrew Gibson - June 2016

I was Impressed by Darrell Brady's quick turn around [on assessing], short but to the point comments and words of encouragement.

I was worried about doing an on-line course as I am a kinetic person. However, I found it easy and looking back feel I learnt more than I would have in the classroom. Why? Because I could use my time to read different material and easily go back t it. It was my choice as to how much time I spent and when. However, I achieved my goal of completing it in around 12 weeks.

I'd certainly do another course this way.
Ross Keating - May 2016

In 14 years of dealing with a multitude of RTOs, I have never experienced the level of service, promptness, user-friendliness and value of anything like the Real Estate Training College... I will only use them for future learnings, above and beyond!
Penny Webb - May 2016

Your staff were always responsive and willing to help. Resource material provided was extensive and very good.
Hugh Crawford - April 2016

In regards to the feedback provided by assessors: Tracey Johnson was excellent, prompt and professional. It makes it easier when the questions are answered promptly, especially when you're in the middle of a unit.
Steven Stucci - April 2016

Feedback of assessors was exemplary - very friendly, easy to understand, to the point. I have been participating in CPD courses with The NSW Real Estate Training College over six years. Great advice for choosing the right course. Commendable support and assistance - time efficient, simple and easy to understand.
Sonya Hannah - April 2016

This was very daunting at first, as I have decided to do a complete career change, and trying to stay motivated, after not having done any studying in 15 years was a major concern. After completing this course, I realise that there was absolutely nothing to be worried about, as the support network is amazing and all the information is at your fingertips or accessible online. Thank you for a fresh beginning. Tracey is amazing. Thank you very much for all your help Tracey.
Fotis Pliakouras - March 2016

I don't have a background in Real Estate, I found it a great way of learning. Loved it and would highly recommend your college for online learning.
Karen Treseder - February 2016

The content was put in a very logical sequence and easy-to-understand fashion.
Wing Sing - February 2016

Thank you for your help and feedback throughout the entire course. I would be more than happy to recommend the NSW Real Estate Training College.
Tamara Sanfilippo - December 2015

I find the learning programs very relevant to today's real estate issues and the student case study materials worth keeping for my professional reference library.
Christopher Baker - November 2015

I look forward to completing additional courses with your organisation.
James Tasses – October 2015

Assistance chat feature worked really well, the staff were knowledgeable and provided quick responses to questions asked.
Vicki Bailey  - October 2015

I was very impressed with your services, so prompt and friendly. I found the course to be so complete-covering everything needed. I will be recommending you to others!
Deborah Chapman – October 2015

The support from the college is timely.
Yuhang Lu – October 2015

This is the second year that I have completed my CPD and found all queries to be answered in a timely and polite manner – really outstanding customer service. I would thoroughly recommend it and found the student guide contained a comprehensive level of knowledge to complete the assessment tasks.
Michele Brett – October 2015

An effective way of completing the course. I enjoyed learning online and appreciated the comments at the end of each unit when graded. The prompt marking of assessments was also greatly appreciated.
Sharon Taylor – September 2015

Effective and great !
Jing Wang – September 2015

Fast turnaround with marking and obtaining the qualification. The website was very easy to navigate.
Melissa – September 2015

Excellent communication and course layout. Assistance is always there when you need it. The best way to gain qualification while working full time. Thanks Tracey, Sally and Murray.
Julie Wolfenden – September 2015

I have studied with the NSW Real Estate Training College for many years and will continue to do so. The courses are so easy to understand and the support and communication is excellent, I have recommended this facility to many of my colleagues.
Judith Thompson - September 2015

Happy with the CPD course, easy to understand.
Carmelo - August 2015

Thank you and the team; the learning was informative, the format was thoughtfully put together and the content useful
David Rowe – August 2015

Good to have all the info that you need provided.
Belinda Hughes - August 2015

Above and beyond my expectations
the information was very informative
The course was very well presented and the staff outstanding.
I would recommend this course to others.
Helen - July 2015

This is the 3-rd year I submitted my CPD assessment with the NSW Real Estate Training College. Thank you for your professional way to provide a rich documentation helpful for the completion of my assessment. 
Smaranda - March 2015

It was a pleasure dealing with all members of the staff at the NSW Real Estate Training College.
Laurie Prentice - January 2015

Thank you! This is a good course for any Agent or Sales persons in or transitioning to Commercial Leasing. I have heard many comments in general from others regarding the lack of relevant commercial focused CPD courses. The NSW Real estate Training College courses are good value, the material is highly relevant and designed to keep you up to date.
Janet Vincent - November 2014

Calls are answered straight away and you can talk to an assessor and the new online chat option is fantastic!!! I did my certificate of registration with the college in September 2010 and found the online process easy to use, at the start of this year i did a finance diploma with another training organisation and have found this real estate licence with Macdonald Education a much easier online system to use
I have recommended Macdonald Education to other colleagues as the assessments are marked in a timely manner and the learning resources are easy to use and navigate through.

Keely Chapman - September 2014

I found the girls I spoke to extremely helpful & encouraging.
I was extremely grateful that my certificate of completion was sent to me so quickly.
Sue Russ - April 2014

This was my first experience completing an on-line course and I was very happy with all aspects. I really enjoyed the course! Thank you
Shannon Davison - March 2014

This is a convenient way to obtain the required points and a great way to learn further about subjects that are relevant to the industry. Also a great refresher and update of subjects you may feel you already know about.
Gay Dixon - Feb 2014

My favourite aspect of this course was the time frame. I didn't feel pressured to finish in a week and I received lots of great information to study. Thank you, I would gladly recommend your site to anyone.
Eric Drewett - Feb 2014

Very helpful and understanding at all times. It gave me confidence knowing they were so helpful and pleasant
Lesley Kibble - May 2013

I didn't have to request too much assistance, but when I did my requests were handled in a very timely manner and the staff were very friendly, nothing was too much trouble
Marie Arrand - May 2013

Great service and very helpful when enrolling
Very happy with service. I required my statement of attainment urgently as I became employed in the industry. My assignments were marked quickly and my certificate was provided on the day I requested it.
Suzana Radman - May 2013

This course and its support was excellent.  A lot more affordable than going through other training organisations. I would highly recommend this to industry colleagues.
Steven - May 2013

Great layout with all modules having appropriate resources allocated to each module

I was most impressed that I enrolled 2.5 years ago and as I had not completed any of the modules the course remained active until such time that the course is completed.

Thank you this is the first course that I have done on line and would highly recommend NSW Real Estate Training College to colleagues, friends and family looking at doing online real estate courses. 

Kylie - April 2013

I have completed numerous courses with the college and always found the courses very informative and helpful  with my day to day work in the real estate industry.  I have also found the staff very willing to help whenever they were needed.  Thank you all.

Robyn Linklater - April 2013

All of the required information required to complete the assignments was provided. It was an easy process uploading assignments for marking and they were marked within two days. The staff were always easy to reach. I would definitely use the NSW Real Estate College again for an online course.

Graham Jones - April 2013

The assessors are diligent, hardworking and ready to help at any time.

Funmilayo - January 2013

Good morning Murray,
Thank you for your email and your supportive Congratulations.
It has certainly been a pleasure to work with your organisation. Being a Queenslander has had absolutely no effect in obtaining the respective information, legislation or any required data as it was provided by your organisation  throughout the entire study process.
Your staff/associates  are exceptionally friendly, helpful and proactive. A pleasurable journey in deed and would refer back to your organisation for further studies without a question.
I have filled out the Evaluation Survey and attached for your perusal. I will  fax the Evaluation Form accordingly shortly after this email.
Thank you for your time and assistance throughout my journey.

Should you require any further information from me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Carmen Nuevo - January 2013

Your organisation has been a pleasure to deal with and I must congratulate Tracey in particular for her valuable assistance throughout. I look forward to continuing my studies with you in the near future.

Stephen Wright - November 2012

Dealing with NSW Real Estate Training College was an easy task, information provided very helpful. Replies always prompt.

Joanne Moran - November 2012

I have completed a few courses with your company as the process, quality of content and back up support is brilliant. I will definitely look to your company when my next CPD is due. Thank you to Tracey for her continued support and ability to answer questions and process competency in the most professional and timely manner.

Tanya Hatton - November 2012

Fantastic course, easy to access resources and get in contact with assessors for any help you need. Although it says 48 hours to get a result, you can easily be graded within 5 hours. I managed to get the course complete in a week. It is easy and I recommend anyone interested in getting a real estate career to do this course!

Christopher Temple - October 2012

The courses that I have carried out through NSW Real Estate Training College have always been clear, well written and have great resources, which makes it easy  and stress free.

Sandra Miccio - September 2012

Very good and easy platform for people who have flexible time schedule to learn at their own pace and achieve something at their leisure time.

Meng Li - August 2012

I would like to thank Tracey for her assistance throughout the entire process. She was always approachable and extremely helpful and I think that she helped make the process so much easier. I would recommend “The training College” to anyone wishing to study Real Estate.

Debbie Glyptis - NSW - July 2012

The assistance provided to me by Tracey was exceptional..
I would highly recommend the college to all my staff,  family/friends and clients. Thank you for all of your support throughout my course. 

Catherine Stefani - July 2012

Normally I am not the one who will write a testimonial, but in this particular case I decided it worth it.
I have done lots of studying in my life, including university and other institutions.  All of the times it was done full time.  For the first time I had decided to take course by distance with your institution and was not sure what to expect.
The level of service provided by your staff and Darrell Brady in particular and the quality of supporting material, which can be and will be used in practice, surprised me and exceeded my expectations!
The turnaround time for assignment marking was outstanding, compared to full time study: when you hand in an assignment you normally have to wait for 2-3 weeks; most of my assignments were marked in 24 hours or less.
The level of communication during the process was also very good – every time I had questions, I was getting the answers the same day.
I am very pleased with my experience with NSW Real Estate Training College and would recommend anyone who needs to complete a real estate license course to use your services. 

Lana Sirota - July 2012

It was very beneficial and a very in-depth insight to both sales and management aspects of the real estate industry.
I wouldn’t study anywhere else except with the NSW Real Estate Training College. They have excellent support and always available to assist. 

Andrew Kim - July 2012

The efficient and friendly assistance gave me the confidence to call again.
With English being my second language, I found the material provided adequate and very user friendly to be able to complete the course with confidence. Very helpful staff and thank you for the assistance.

Henerieta (Rita) Kritzinger – June 2012

It was convenient, speedy and cost effective
Plenty of links and reading material to enable you to grasp the concepts needed
Added significantly to my knowledge base
I enjoyed the course and found the method very efficient and motivating. Your speedy turnaround of assessment tasks was very encouraging to keep at it.

Warrick Moore – June 2012

Feedback was fantastic and the assistance was both accurate and delivered promptly.
Support and assistance was quick and accurate
The course was thoroughly enjoyable, well as much as study can be and the assistance from staff members was fantastic and i look forward to dealing with Real Estate Training in the future.

Darran Wyatt – May 2012

Hi Murray

I truly enjoy your services and they are Value for Money with saving me a lot of time.
Very strong resources supports with valuable context. Extremely Efficient and Truly Professional.

Definitely will recommend to my friends, who intend to enrol into the related courses and I will keep using the CPD programme for the next course in due course.   

With Best Regards!

Kaiman WONG – May 2012

Hi Murray,

Thank you for your email, I attach the evaluation survey as requested.

I would like to thank you and all your staff for their help and making me feel  at ease when asking for assistance. As I am not particularly at easy using a computer I was a bit in awe of doing an online course. Your staff were very understanding and made me feel very much at ease to ask questions. I now feel confident to apply for the next course to get a full licence.

Thank you and best wishes,

Peter George - May 2012

I completed my Certificate of Registration, Real Estate Licence and Auctioneer through the College and further CPD's. I am planning to continue to complete all my learning requirements with the College as I am extremely impressed by the assessor support and feedback I have always received from my assessors plus the modules are delivered in a timely and user friendly manner.

Maria Georgoulopoulos – NSW – April 2012

The course was thorough and I have a greater appreciation for real estate professionals as a result.

Judith McManus – NSW – March 2012

Great information & service, thanks for the help.

Marty Sanderson QLD March 2012

the learning resources provided professional useful information for the career that i would like to engage in the future.
The assessment tasks were well summarised, easy to understand and relevant to the content of each module.
Questions and feedback comments on assginment were of great help and provided me with good record for my future career.
It was quite a happy experience learning with Real Estate Training College , with the professional assistance and advice provided by the staff, it opens the door for my real estate career and improves my professional knowledge and skills in the industry, Thanks to Real Estate Training College, and i'm looking forward to working with them again in my future career .

Meng Li – NSW – March 2012

I appreciate very much the way the information were provided and the kindness of people always ready to help. I am sure that I will be back for future professional development. Thank you and I wish you all the best.

Smaranda C. Kafka. – NSW – March 2012

I liked the fact that the assessors have pointed out my incorrect answers (I only had a couple :). I also have spent a lot of time and effort on writing case studies/workbooks assessments and appreciated that you have acknowledged the fact. It felt like I dealt with a real teacher, very personal. Thank you :)

I have never studied online before so, naturally, I was a bit apprehensive when I've enrolled. It worked out fantastically. Instead of travelling to the City for 4 days and paying after-school care fees for my children I was able to do all my study while the kids were at school and in the evenings and still complete it in 8 days. Also, majority of the population (and I am too :) remember the information better when it's presented visionary, not auditory. So, reading the course materials online myself and doing my own research to answer the questions, rather than listening to a teacher in a classroom, have ensured that I now have a very good understanding of the subjects that I've learned.

I loved the fact that there were teachers available on the phone whenever I've had a question (and I've had a couple) and also that the assessors response was always very personal - they would tell me the exact question I didn't get quite right and even praise me when my case study etc. was done exceptionally well. I am now convinced that the NSW Real Estate Training College is the best place to learn from. I will most certainly continue my further professional education with you and have already recommended you to 2 of my friends who consider a career in Real Estate. Thank you :)!

Irina Bolshakova – NSW – March 2012

I would highly recommend The NSW Real Estate Training College to my colleagues and associates.

Garry Quan – NSW – Feb 2012

Very simple and easy to use and work in your own time.  I will recommend the on line college to others.

Sue Hendy – NSW – Feb 2012

I only needed to complete 2 modules. I found ringing and speaking to staff easy and helpful. E mails were promptly replied with. I found the resource materials great.
Stephen Lewis - ACT - February 2012

My experience with your college was one of absolute satisfaction and success and after my course with you I feel confident that I am able to succeed in my chosen field
Peter Burgess – QLD – Jan 2012

Was very happy with the speed all assignments were assessed and returned!

Meghan Luke – NSW Jan 2012

Seriously, I am a Real Estate Agent and I usually find it hard to put anything into one word to describe anything!
You cannot go past for all of your training and development requirements.
They are and their service is FANTASTIC!
Thankyou for being there for all of us.

Jeanette Howle – NSW – Jan 2012

The NSW Real Estate Training College course provides one with very useful information in building a strong foundation towards the future of becoming a successful real estate agent; the course aids one to have prime understanding on Real Estate. It accomplishes that through many techniques, for example, high quality study materials, helpful guidance and advice, etc. Due to finishing this course one will feel that he has excelled greatly in this area.

Chin Kuan Moy - NSW - Dec 2011

Thank you to and your staff for their pleasant and co-operative approach in helping me achieve my goals.
This course has helped me gain employment in my new career.

Geoff Winterford – NSW – Nov 2011

It was great.. i appreciate being able to do this course online and in a manner where i could learn and work at my own pace.

Nicola – NSW - Nov 2011

Thank you very much for a very informative and interesting course. It has been a pleasure to have taken this course with your organisation; I certainly will recommend you to anyone who wishes to do a course in real estate.

Rees Pearse – QLD – Nov 2011

Your company offers a simple to use, informative, beneficial, economical and practical way of achieving CPD. You are all to be congratulated. Well done.
Michael Kerans – NSW – Oct 2011

Thank you for your excellent and prompt service
Ron Bower  - NSW – Oct 2011

This is my second course undertaken with the college, both have been delivered efficiently and the assistance has been great, thanks.
Wayne Marlow - NSW – Oct 2011

I have never done a course via the net before but I found this very easy and well presented.
Birgitte – ACT – Oct 2011

Very good training college to deal with - always very helpful!
Nicholas Giustino - NSW – Oct 2011

Assessors always answered promptly and were very helpful in their answers, also very encouraging with feedback, thank you.

This course was easy to enrol, you could start straight away and I could do it easily even with two toddlers at home. The assessors were prompt in replying, they were very helpful and positive with their feedback which encouraged me to do my best. I wish all courses online could be this easy, fast and fulfilling, Thank you very much for all your help it’s been a pleasure.

Amy Danek - NSW - October 2011

The course content was easy to access and relevant to the tasks.
I feel that I learnt a great deal that will help me as I begin my career   
Easy to understand and comprehensive and practical

I felt the course covered areas and content that will be relevant every day. It also made you very aware of the resources on the web that you will need to access and refer to often. Thank you for offering an online service with consultants available for assistance.   

Wendy Mason – NSW - October 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The assessors were prompt with response times and the content was all relevant.

Blyth Staley - NSW - September 2011

As usual, doing my license and my CPD points through was a good experience. The staff are always helpful, I love that I can do it anytime at home in my own time and will always be using for further studies.

Jennifer Edwards - NSW - September 2011

Enjoyed course and your organisation's professionalism.
Speed of "marking" impressive - have some colleagues who will undertake same course - have highly recommended Macdonalds (NSW Real Estate Training College)

Rob Slipper – QLD – July 2011

Well priced courses, great service, happy customer.

Ben Roe – NSW – July 2011

Content was over and above my experience and helped with the speed and ease of completing modules
Not only the feed back but Tracey was always availabe to assist with any questions in a timley and friendly manner!
From the first interview to assertain my recognition of Prior Learning to the issue of my certificate on compleation Murray and Tracey where available at any stage to assist with any questions in a timley friendly manner

Peter Gow – NSW – July 2011

I found the course to be extremely informative; it quickly became obvious that the course was focused on training the student to become adept at knowing how to find answers rather than parroting information.
I think this method of training would develop skill-set over the long term and give the trainee the ability to stay abreast of changes in legislation not just passing a course and getting a certificate.
Ross – QLD – July 2011

May I say, it was an absolute pleasure to do the Course.
I'm an old bloke and it's been a long time since school, and for that reason I had been putting off doing a full Real Estate Agents Course for years, but I need not have worried at all.

The way the Course has designed and presented, is so professional and thorough, yet very easy to follow and understand what is required in the assignments.
The research material is excellently prepared and provided, and as each assignment is completed, we become aware just how much we have learnt as we have progressed through it all.

Very soon, you will have more of my family doing courses with your College.

Thanks again, your help has been greatly appreciated.
Ray Byron
November 2010

As a principal of real estate agency I would highly recommend The NSW Real Estate Training College as the best place to get qualifications required for the Real Estate Industry.   

Alan Temelkov
October 2010

The subject matter was comprehensive and highly relevant to the
industry. Although many of the case studies were often challenging, the available resources provided were excellent and easy to access which allowed for a strong understanding of the issues associated with various critical aspects of any Real Estate business and typical client negotiation processes generally required on a daily basis.

Ben Ross
September 2010

Very easy to enrol, very happy with taking my course online.  Would recommend to anyone. I learnt valuable new information, and I feel I will use this in not only in my new career in business sales, but in general day to day. 
I was really happy with the assistance from staff.  There was no delay what so ever, and it was a weekend.  Thank you!

Joyce Collins
September 2010

To Whom it May Concern

I have been studying with you for the past few months and have received competent in all my subjects for the above course.

I wish to take this opportunity to say thank you and to tell you how easy the process was and how well coordinated I found it. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that needs your services.

Jennifer Lee
September 2010

I recommend this course to be completed online.
It is completed at your own pace and works around your working schedule.
There are no classrooms to go to.
I loved the convenience of doing it online.
I Highly, Highly recommend it to whoever wishes to work in the real estate industry.
Thanks to the Team at NSW Real estate Training College.
Fariha – August 2010
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