Creative Problem Solving (ACT)

 NSW Real Estate Training College

Course Objectives

Research consistently demonstrates that visualising clear goals and objectives which are associated with learning ensures the learning occurs more easily and rapidly.

By the end of this course, you will understand how to:

  • Recognise problems and understand the creative problem solving process
  • Indentify types of information to investigate and key questions to ask
  • Ascertain the importance of correctly defining a problem
  • Use four different problem definition tools
  • Write solid problem statements
  • Apply basic brainstorming tools to generate ideas for solutions
  • Successfully utilise idea generating tools, such as affinity diagrams, word chaining, the box method, the six thinking hats, and the blink method
  • Assess potential solutions against criteria of cost/benefit analysis
  • Perform a final analysis for successful solution selection
  • Be aware of the roles that intuition and fact play in solution selection
  • Understand the need to refine the shortlist and the importance of redefining it
  • Successfully identify the tasks and resources required to implement the solutions
  • Conduct a solutions reality check
  • Conduct post solution implementation checks to celebrate successes and identify improvements

This unit provides Category 2, 4 points of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and is aligned to CPPDSM4005A - Establish and build client-agency realationships and CPPDSM4056A - Manage conflict and disputes in the property industry.

Course Cost: $89.00 

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